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Digital records management and filing


Whoever works in administrative-accounting field or in personnel management, knows how important is a proper record management, legally and fiscally relevant, as also all those records that, when needed, are within reach.

  • A correct records management is necessary for those enterprises which wish to simplify the business organization, to improve the work efficiency and quality, in order to create additional value.

  • The traditional paper record management is characterized by overcharge, difficulties in sharing and filing, long time for searching mistakes and losses.

  • The modern digital records management, instead, produces reduction in management costs, a complete transparency through sharing and filing, optimization in work organization and an analytical control of the processes to identify the inefficiencies that needed to be rectified.

  • Digitising a written document is a procedure through which a paper document is photographed by a scanner and the photo is filed in a virtual collector where it can be easily found for future needs, using a computer. The use of the digital records management cuts down the process time of each case, both internal and external, and gives the possibility that is abreast with the times.

  • The Bisesti office utilizes a correct document management in digital format. This feature allows us to exchange and to share with our clients all accounting and tax records of accounting management and all the documents concerning the management and preparation of wages. We provide the technological tools and a targeted assistance to guide and assist our customers in a path that enriches of modernity the traditional management of wages and of accounting.

  • This office makes available a very innovative documentary management service which gives our customers the opportunity of entering their digital file of documents and they can copy, print, take note of expire dates and notices etc. The whole filing can be consulted 24H for 365 days a year anywhere by a computer connected to internet. No more lost documents.

  • Our services give a lot of advantages such as: cost cutting, saving space, automation of administrative business processes, quick access to documents for sharing and for sending, pulling down of the risk of damaging documents, document management through simple files.

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